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yoga with kanami

Sun Salutations to build positive energy
(10 mins)

This is one of Kanami’s favorite sequences from when she used to teach at the Powder Yoga studio in northern Japan. It is uplifting, inspring, and good to do anytime of day you need a little boost of energy.

The best part is this video is only 10 mins long,  so you can easily include it into any day no matter how busy you may be!

Detox Flow Yoga on the Beach (35 mins)

If you are looking for a longer, energetic, and cleansing yoga practice, make sure you do this video! Every sequence in it has a purpose: to flush out old stagnant energy so you can start your day on a clean slate.

Filmed at the beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, you can get your workout in for the day while staring out at the beautiful Oaxacan ocean.

Simple Yoga & Stretching
For All Levels
(15 mins)

This is a relaxing 15 minute yoga sequence you can do anytime throughout your day to loosen up tight muscles and boost your mood.  You will move through slow and simple stretches good for all levels and abilities.

Filmed in Lotus, California, please enjoy the beautiful outdoor sounds of wind chimes and hummingbirds during your practice.

Laughter Yoga for Stress Relief
(15 mins)

Laughter boosts your immune system, decreases stress hormones, diffuses anger, improves your mood, and most importantly, makes you really really happy!

Join me for this outrageous 15 min laughter yoga session where I will guide you through 6 exercises designed to make you laugh until it hurts so good.

Have fun, let loose, and release your inner child!

pilates with kanami

Pilates for great posture (12 mins)

This is a quick a 12 min Power Pilates Sequence targeted at the three most important areas in your body for creating great posture: CORE, GLUTES, and SCAPULAR stabilization.

Include this workout into your weekly exercise program and guaranteed you will stand taller, have more confidence, and will notice all around better posture in your day to day life!

Bikini Butt Pilates Workout
(8 mins)

It only takes 8 mins a day to firm up your booty and have the confidence to show off your bikini body!

This is a simple yet very effective Pilates workout targeting just the glutes with three exercies.

Don’t be fooled: this video may be short, but it is high in intensity. Be ready to give it all you’ve got for 8 minutes!

meditation with kanami

Gratitude Meditation
(5 mins)

If you only have 5 mins, this is the best way to start your day! A simple practice of gratitude can bring an enormous amount of positivity into your life, so make sure to try my favorite meditation practice.

Do this daily, and see for yourself all the magic that will come into your life 🙂