14-Day Immunity Program





There are three key things that directly influence your immune system:

  • what you do physically (exercise)
  • what you put into your body (nutrition)
  • thoughts in your mind (mindfulness, focus & meditation)

This program will strengthen your body’s immunity by combining all three keys to lower stress levels so you can increase vitality.

The main idea behind the 14-Day Immunity Boost Challenge is “less is more”. New routines and habits are most likely adopted when presented in small doses, and this program will do just that.

You keep doing you, but challenge yourself to 30 mins a day for 2 weeks of focusing on the three immunity program pillars:

  • daily yoga/Pilates classes
  • one new health and nutrition habit per day
  • daily meditation/mindfulness techniques

One a day for 14 days to lower stress levels, strengthen your immune system, and slowly shape your life to everything you want it to be. Every morning you will receive an email with links to that particular day’s lessons and classes. They will be divided into 2-3 videos, so you can watch them throughout your day whenever you have a spare few minutes.