14-Day Thrive Program




Are you ready to thrive rather than just survive in your life? Then this program is for you! With all new content and brand new videos, this is Kanami’s latest and most recent challenge all filmed around her new home in southern Mexico.

To attain the optimal state of thriving you need:

  • optimism
  • motivation
  • proactivity
  • enjoyment of learning
  • flexibility
  • adaptability
  • manageable challenges
  • bonds with people and support

The Thrive Program will guide you each day for 14 days so you can meet these goals while having a lot of fun doing it.

What’s included:

  • 6 yoga videos
  • 2 Pilates videos
  • 6 audio meditations you can listen to anywhere and anytime
  • weekly health & nutrition advice
  • Ayurvedic meal planning and recipes for Spring

All videos from the program are available to download so you can keep them for your collection, forever! You will also gain access to a private group where you can connect with others who are doing the challenge. Ask questions, support one another, and follow the path to health and wellness with a great community of people.